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           -Private Tour-

Tour from  SOLVANG to SANTABABARA  and every where in between on this 10 hour tour. 
Traveling with a large group? Book a private tour.

Is Solvang worth visiting?

The charming Village of Solvang is worth visiting for its striking Danish architecture, numerous wine tasting rooms, and bakeries offering authentic Danish treats. Planning a weekend in Santa Barbara? Consider adding a day trip to Solvang!

Video photography service

Photography and videography services
Are you planning a trip to LA, San Diego or Santa Barbara?
The owner of Limos Disney has been a Korean photographer for over 20 years.
Do you want beautiful photos and videos?
Click Book Now

-Send by e~mail-

Post-shooting photo original file and video taken during the trip. -Add very low rates-

add very low cost


 10Hours $800


10Hours $900

  10Hours $850

10Hours $900


 10Hours $950

● Food and drinks are not provided.
● 20% up on park admission and driver tips. Driver's meal and

   parking fee
● Additional charge of $80 per hour for overtime use
● Tour schedule and course can be edited.
● Taken photos and videos can be used on the SNS homepage

● Downtown, Hollywood free pickup and drop off
Separate charge for other areas

Private Tour 

 Origin Destination Service to freely move around the area within a fixed time (destination restriction X)
*Example product link (Seoul & suburbs private vehicle tour)

8ors $640    10Hours $800

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